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the evolution of



After using other people's patterns it seemed to me that no one offered a stained glass
testament to the beauty of sports. Thus I began last year creating my own patterns
to achieve what I felt were iconic moments that could be shared in stained glass.
(Click any picture to find out piece name and more about it.)


My first two became a man's gifts to his son who plays baseball and his daughter who plays soccer.

The next two were displayed in the Center Court refreshment area of a major tennis center.


The logical place for original sports glass was in sports-oriented pubs.
This Seahawk moment was displayed during the NFL playoffs - 2015.


This glass is now hanging now at a major soccer bar. (Great lamb sandwiches here.)
And now...



These three and more are on display in the lovely high windows of Hale's Brewery and Pub.


These last two new SportsGlass moments are still looking for a home.
Eventually there will be a show where these -- and more -- are all together.

Click on on any emblem to link to the very sports bars where the real - huge - frames are displayed.
Some folks think this would be an excellent Art Walk - Pub Crawl!

(All stained glass art on this page is Copyright 2015 by David Hon)